Kelly's Summer Camp

Located  near  the  Milton  Fairgrounds   MILTON, ON


For Daycare rates visit our Daycare site daycare opening in Sept 2014.

VOLUNTEER HOURS Teens who would like to volunteer to be a helper we would gladly accept the help and give a job reference and sign your volunteer hours. Also a possibility for this to become a paid position in the future. 

  . . . . . . . .  Earlybird Rates are over for the year however we are having a special for August. 

August Special!!!

Aug 11-15th 
Aug 18-22nd 

Ages 7-9
1wk   $100 
2wks $175

Ages 10+
1wk   $95
2wks $160

 These prices only valid for these 2 weeks. Some activities have extra costs.



Book by June 1st and save from our reg prices!

Weekly rate:

Ages: 10-13yrs $125/wk

Ages: 7-9yrs $150 /wk

Two week rates:

Ages: 10-13yrs $240/2wks

Ages: 7-9yrs $280/2wks

Four week rates:

Ages: 10-13yrs $400/4wks

Ages: 7-9yrs $450/4wks

Five or more week rates:

Ages: 10-13yrs $80/wk  

Ages: 7-9yrs $100/wk

After June 1st our rates are:

Weekly rates:

Ages: 10-13yrs $150/wk

Ages: 7-9yrs $175 /wk

Two week rate is:

Ages: 10-13yrs $290/2wks

Ages: 7-9yrs $330/2wks

Four week rate is:

Ages: 10-13yrs $500/4wks

Ages: 7-9yrs $550/4wks

Five week or more rates:

Ages: 10-13yrs $100/wk 

Ages: 7-9yrs $120/wk

Please note under 10yrs spots are very limited.

Some outings have an extra fee you will be notified of these ahead of time.

Reminder you need to send your child with a lunch everyday.


We go bowling at least 3-4 times a week!

Shoe rental is $2.50 each time 

or a flat fee of $25 for the summer

I  take care of  the  lane  fee!

*Flat fee - you can change to a flat fee however previously paid shoe rental will not be refunded. 


Wednesdays we go to Epic Lazer 

You have two options:

2 missions:  $12

3 missions:  $15

(I pay taxes)

For kids with us for 3 or more wks I will pay $5 of the fee each week.


You may want to send your child with spending money as both Champs and Epic Lazer have arcades... this would be a good opportunity for them to do chores for an allowance! For families with financial difficulties please speak to me as I am sure I can figure out some "chores" for them to earn some spending money. 


Miltons Single Child Rate: $2.75 

Our rates:

$2.25 for 1wk campers

$2.00 for 2wk campers

For Campers with us for 3 or more wks 

I will pay the swimming fees. 

F R E E !

We have an overnight backyard camping night where we sleep in tents have a fire, roast marshmallows once a wk weather permitting ... no extra cost for this overnight event :) If your child isnt ready for a sleep over they can join us for the evening and you can pick them up on your way home from your night free/date night!